Known for its lush green countryside, New Zealand offers visitors unbeatable opportunities for adventure and exploration; but there is far more to these islands than pretty countryside. New Zealand is home to beaches, mountains, dense forests and glaciers. For those looking for luxury, New Zealand has a wide variety of options including villas, golf courses and exciting tours. Culturally, this is a place where the traditional Maori culture mixes with the modern cosmopolitan world. From luxury holidays to outdoor adventures, it’s no wonder more people are choosing to visit New Zealand.



Museum of New Zealand

Te Papa or the Museum of New Zealand  is the place to explore the culture, treasures and history of New Zealand. With the various cultural, historical and natural life exhibits, you will be educated and entertained. Te Papa uses a combination of interactive displays, story telling and technology to tell the story of the New Zealand culture.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens is a popular attraction for the city of Christchurch and visiting tourist as well. This 74 acre garden is for nature lovers of all ages, allowing them to view some of the exotic flora found in New Zealand. Christchurch Botanic Gardens had its start in 1863 with the planting of an English Oak tree; now it is one of the top attractions in the country. Come enjoy the beautiful surrounds as you rejuvenate your mind & body.

Otago Central Rail Trail

Located on the southern island, the Otago Central Rail Trail is a unique adventure route for the hiker, biker and horseback rider; named after the original railway built in the late 1800’s, Otago Central has 150 kilometers of beautiful scenery extending into the Central Otago heartland. Along the route there are more than twenty townships located in the area to explore. With numerous attractions along the trail and opportunities to interact with the locals, boredom is not an option.

Lord of the Rings Tour

New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes mesmerized movie goers with the release of Lord of the Rings. Why not visit the sites used in the filming of the movie; One company Zicasso Travel has forged one tour to rule them all; the eleven day trip includes movie set tours, helicopter expeditions and five-star accommodations. When in New Zealand, enjoy your visit to Middle-earth.

Milford Sound

Whether it is raining or not Milford Sound is spectacular in any weather. Known as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, this attraction was carved by glaciers during the ice ages. With its vertical cliffs and numerous waterfalls, visitors will have an unforgettable experience of spectacular scenery and waterfalls. By plane, helicopter, cruise ship or kayak, there are many ways to see Milford Sound; when visiting the south island, this is a must see attraction.

Tiritiri Matangi Island

Tiritiri Matangi is a wildlife sanctuary and one of New Zealand’s most important havens for native and endangered species of birds. Birdwatchers will enjoy viewing various species including the North Island Robin, little spotted Kiwi, Kokako, Saddleback and the Brown Teal. For the nature-enthusiast and birdwatcher this is paradise.

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre was established to provide a world-class museum for the appreciation of historic aircraft. Guided tours are available or you can do a self-guide at your own pace. One of the popular exhibits is the collection of Sir Peter Jackson’s WW1 aircraft and artifacts; though the efforts of WingNut Films and Weta Workshop the story of the collection is brought to life. The memorabilia is worthy of any collection and ranges from beautifully crafted ‘trench art’ to personal items belonging to the Red Baron himself. After touring the facility, you may want to experience open-cockpit flying; rides in a vintage Boeing Stearman are available, with helmet & goggles provided.