With its natural beauty, lush gardens and wildlife species there is nothing like Samal Island. This is one of the popular destinations among the Philippine Islands; although its actually part of Davao del Norte, it is still considered part of the Davao Metropolitan area. Some popular activities include cycling, mountain climbing and volleyball. Because of Samal’s great beaches and resorts, this is a travel destination that is growing in popularity nationally and internationally.




Samal Island Dive Sites

One of the most popular actives on Samal is the dive-sites; some of the most popular sites includes the northeast’s Ligid Caves & Pinnancle Point: the east coast’s Pindawon Wall and the southeastern Mushroom Rock. In addition to these sites, the west coast is best known for the sites Marissa one, two and three. These sites are fairly shallow reefs that descend to 90 feet.

Samal Island Beaches

Samal has its share of great beaches too; while some are public and others private, its up to a visitor to decide what their preference is. A few of the more popular ones include: Buenavista Island, Canibad, BlueJaz and Kaputian Beach.

Popular Resorts

In addition to Samal’s activites and attractions, there are a number of resorts. Some of the more popular ones include: Hof Gorei, Paradise Island, Isla Reta Beach Resort and Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Additional Attractions on Samal

Aside from the activities and attractions found at some of the island resorts, there are a few popular attractions worth mentioning these include: Vanishing Island, Monfort Bat Sanctuary and Hagimit Falls.

The Vanishing Island is a strip of land located off the coast of Tambo, Babak in Samal. The island is visible during low tides only; during high tide, visitors can walk around the island’s ankle deep water. However many choose to snorkel & dive. The water is crystal clear, making it possible to enjoy the underwater views of coral, reefs and wildlife.

If you want a diversion from the normal flow of your holiday, visit Monfort Bat cave. It is in the Guinness World Book of Records for having the largest colony of Fruit Bats in the world. With more than 1.5 million bats hanging out in the cave, even the least squeamish among us will be scared. This is a truly unforgettable experience.

When visiting Samal Island, consider a visit to Hagimit Falls. This is a small waterfall with a naturally shaped swimming area. It is also a great place to camp. A quick swim at the falls will refresh you and add variety to your trip.