From the arctic islands to the freshwater archipelagos, Canada has a variety of islands to visit. With the diverse selection of tourist attractions & activities, you will find something you enjoy. The islands have landscapes that include forest, beaches and rocky coastlines, while the uninhabited islands may serve as wildlife preserves. These are great travel destinations to visit for some sun, fun and relaxation. Here is a short list of five Canadian Islands you should see.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; this island features wooded-areas beaches, rolling hills and green pastures. Here everyone in the family can have fun; enjoy the live theater or the adventure parks with picnic areas and water-slides. If you enjoy music, get together for an evening of musical entertainment. One of the best known fictional residents is Anne of Green Gables; visitors from around the world come to see her home and experience the island way of life.

Thousand Islands, Ontario

Thousand Islands is an archipelago of 1,864 islands situated along the Canadian and U.S. border, in the St. Lawrence River. This is a popular international destination for tourists; the appeal of the islands include its beauty, recreational options and cultural activities. Tourist from around the world go there to golf, fish, sail, scuba-dive, camp and photograph the beauty of the St. Lawrence River.

Pelee Island

Pellee is the largest island in Lake Erie; the group consist of nine islands and is the southernmost populated point in Canada. From the historical sites to the night life, Pelee Island has a number of attractions and activities to keep you busy. There are shops, nature walks, fishing, camping and a thriving wine industry. When vising, Pelee can satisfy your desire for relaxation or for new sights and sounds.

Vancouver Island

Welcome to Vancouver, the largest island on the west coast of North America. This is home to roughly 760,000 residents and British Columbia’s capital Victoria. Vancouver Island is about the outdoors; some popular activities include swimming, skiing, surfing, mountain-biking and backpacking. At the end of your day, if you are not tired, you can return to the city for some shopping, dinning and entertainment. From the rich heritage of the native culture, to the festivals and local events, Vancouver Island offers a year-round celebration of arts, history and lively entertainment. When you are in the area, be sure to sample the local sights, sounds, and traditions.

Manitoulin Island

With more than nine-hundred miles of coastline, Manitoulin Island is the world’s largest freshwater island. Known for its beaches, lakes and rivers, this is one of the most popular Canadian Islands to experience. For many, a visit to Manitoulin is like going back in time to days past. You can get an ice cream and walk along the boardwalk; there is also fishing and other outdoor-activities too. The island itself has more than one-hundred lakes. The largest lake Manitou is 40 square miles in size, which makes Manitou the record holder for the largest lake on a freshwater island. In addition, Lake Manitou has its own small islands too. There are more than twenty-four small settlements and towns spread out over an area larger than 160 kilometers; the terrain consist of forest, lakes, rivers, shorelines and meadows. If Manitoulin sounds intriguing, there are two airports providing service there.