St Kitts’ intoxicating beauty, blue skies and sandy beaches combine to make it one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. This island like its sister Nevis are volcanic and its location in the Caribbean makes it a great place to get away from it all. St Kitts and Nevis are known for their stretches of soft golden sands; come enjoy the island’s best beaches.



Majors Bay

Majors Bay is a long, narrow stretch of beach that is known for its brown sand and clear blue water. This is a quiet place at the south east end of the island. On a visit there you may see lovers or someone who wants to enjoy the solitude. Not much to do here except relax and enjoy nature. Lastly, Majors Bay has a good view of nearby Nevis Island.



Cockleshell is considered one of the best beaches on St. Kitts. This secluded place is known for its yellowish-grey sands; Also, Cockleshell has a great view of nearby Nevis & Banana Bay. At both ends of the beach you will find restaurants. Also there are a few shade trees too; the water is clear & shallow, which makes it great for families. Lastly if needed you can rent sun umbrellas and sports equipment such as kayaks &  jet-skis.


South Frigate Bay

Is known as St Kitts’ party destination. This is a place to go for eating, drinking and socializing with others. When visiting you will find the beach has music, bars and food. Popular activities in South Frigate includes: various water sports, volleyball and dancing.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a tranquil stretch of sand on the southeastern part of the island. It is located off the main highway down a sometimes tricky stretch of dirt road. For the snorkeler its worth it; there is a variety of colorful fish swimming around Turtle beach’s coral reef.

South Friars

This beach is located near the narrow part of St Kitts, on the Caribbean side of the island. When visiting you will find a nice selection of beach restaurants. At both ends of the beach you will also find some bars. There are loungers, sun umbrellas and water-sports equipment available too.