Located in the heart of Europe, Germany has plenty of unique things to see and fantastic tourist attractions to offer. Visitors travel there to see its architectural treasures and fascinating places of beauty, but Germany is a lot more than this; there is great beer, fast cars, and the culture to experience. Also there are a number of castles, cathedrals, palaces, and museums to explore. If you are a fan of World Heritage sites, Germany has more than thirty of these. Whether this is your first trip to Germany or not, you wont be disappointed with the attractions there.

The Brandenburg Gate

Built in the 18th century, this neoclassical triumphal arch is the only surviving gate of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate symbolizes the reunification of East & West Berlin. It is the entrance to Unter den Linden, the well-known blvd of linden trees which at one time led to the palace of the Prussian monarchs. The Brandenburg Gate is regarded as one of the most popular landmarks in both Germany and Europe.

Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Cologne, Germany. This is the greatest Gothic cathedral in Germany and has been Cologne’s most famous landmark for centuries. Construction began in 1248 and with interruptions took more than 600 years to finish. Following the conquest of Milan in 1164, the remains of the Three Wise Men were brought to Cologne; the previous cathedral was no longer deemed impressive enough to house the remains. The cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Europe. Cologne Cathedral is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996.


With more than six million visitors a year Oktoberfest is known as the largest Volkfest in the world. An important part of Bavarian culture, the festival has been held in Munich since 1810. Despite the name, Oktoberfest starts at the end of September and last until the first weekend in October. Those attending the festival will enjoy a variety of fare such as Hendl, Schweinebraten, Würstl and Knödel. Other activities includes a mixture of attractions including amusement rides, games and a wide variety of traditional foods.If you enjoy food, drink and fellowship Oktoberfest is for you.


Berlin is an attraction in itself containing an almost endless list of sights to see. One popular point of interest is the Reichstag. This is the German Parliament building and one of the best attractions. Aside from being a historical building, visitors can climb into Norman Foster’s glass dome and see panoramic views of the city. Another popular area in Berlin is Gendarmenmarkt; this is one of the popular squares in the city. It is located close to Friedrichstraße, the cities exclusive shopping street in the Mitte district. For the architectural enthusiast, there are three interesting examples of architecture in the area; these include the Concert House and both the German & French Cathedrals. For the history buff you can visit the Soviet War Memorial, Check-point-Charlie, Museum Island or the Charlottenburg Palace. For the explorer, remains of the infamous Berlin Wall can be found in different parts of the city. If you like the zoo, Berlin has one with a diverse selection of animals to see. With so much to see and do Berlin is a must-do when visiting Germany.


This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany and one of the most photographed. Neuschwanstein is situated on a hill in southwest Bavaria overlooking the Hohenschwangau valley. It is the ultimate fairy tale castle, which was the inspiration for castles in Disneyland parks. This building was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria who passed away near its completion in 1886. If you decide to visit Neuschwanstein, you will be amazed by the breathtaking beautiful of the surrounding landscape.


The city of Lindau is located on the shore of Lake Constance, near the connecting point of Austria, German and Switzerland. It is actually an island that is connected with the mainland by bridge and railway. One popular place to visit is the The market place. It is a beautiful street offering lots of souvenirs; there are shops selling name-brand clothing, hats, sunshades etc. Also visitors can take a boat tour and enjoy the view of Austria, Switzerland and the Alps across the lake. During the summer months, lots of tourists visit from the neighboring harbor towns in Austria and Switzerland for a short trip. Lindau is a beautiful place and a popular tourist destination that should be on your travel itinerary.

The Holstentor

This World Heritage Site is one of the two remaining city gates in the city of Lübeck. Built in 1464, the gate marks the western boundary of the old center of the town and now serves as a museum. Because of its two round towers and arched entrance, Holstentor is regarded as a symbol of Lübeck. Together with the old city center (Altstadt) of Lübeck, it is one of the top attractions in Germany.