Phuket Thailand is far more than beaches and snorkeling; there are some great Thailand National parks too. Visitors will enjoy themselves as they see the pristine beauty of the island. Park admissions are usually inexpensive and it is worth the visit. Some popular Thailand parks include the following.



Phuket Town Parks

Phuket Town has its share of parks that are popular with sightseers, fitness-buffs and picnickers alike. Some popular ones include the following.
Khao Rang Hill is a well-known fitness park; it has a popular treed area for walking or running. If you are not into fitness, there are places to sit in the shade. A popular landmark is the statue of the first Governor Phraya Ratsada Nupradit.
Another popular park is Saphan Hin. This is a large park with a stadium, fitness centers and walking trails. Also there are restaurants and food shops too. Saphan Hin is a popular place for annual events and festivals.
Suan Luang Park is an emerald green park known for its large trees and lotus ponds. This is a popular spot for runners and people who want to take a late afternoon walk.

Laem Phromthep

Is one of the more popular Thailand National parks for the views around Phuket. This is a popular place for the local residents and tourists alike. At sunset the parking lots are filled with tour buses and cars to enjoy one of Phuket’s free shows. During the day, visitors enjoy the breath-taking view of the surrounding islands and water. In the evening some choose to enjoy the sparkling lights from nearby Nai Harn Beach. When sunset is near some hike down to the cape, while many choose the best hilltop seat. Laem Phromthep has one of the best panoramic views among the Thailand National parks.

Khao Phra Thaeo

Khao Phra Thaeo is a preserve of more than 23 square kilometers. This is most of the remaining rain-forest on Phuket. Khao Phra Thaeo is located in the northern region; visitors will enjoy hiking in the rain-forest; popular photo opportunities include the Tonsai & Bang Pae waterfalls. The animal species tend to be a bit reclusive, but will sometimes show themselves. If you are new to the Thailand National parks, at this location guides are available and recommended for the trek to the falls. Lastly, there is a museum near the waterfalls.


Located west of the airport and extending to the Phuket’s northern tip is Sirinath National Park. Sirnath covers 90 square kilometers and features rentals of tents & bungalows. If you want to visit a beach Nai Thon, Nai Yang and Mai Khao are in the area. For the nature-enthusiast, there are saltwater swamps found in the mangrove forest in the northern part of the park. Also, the nature trails are clearly marked with descriptions of the various plants and animal species in the park. If you want to visit Sirinath, the entrance is in the northern tip of Phuket, near the Phang Nga bridge.