St Tropez is a popular travel destination, located sixty-two miles west of Nice, France. The beaches are among the most decadent and beautifully sanded in the French Riviera. More intense & pleasure seeking than either the beaches of Nice or others in the area, St Tropez is the place to go for those who want to play day and night. Despite the party atmosphere, that includes beach clubs, live entertainment & trendy bars, there are some family friendly beaches in the area, where children can swim and play.



La Bouillabaisse

Located west of St Torpez is La Bouillabaisse. This popular family friendly destination has its own restaurant and play-area on the beach. La Bouillabaisse is a lower-keyed option to the beach clubs on Pampelonne. The facilities there include public toilets, showers and a first aid station; also there are life guards on duty from mid-June until mid-September. If you travel with children this is a great place to visit.

Pampelonne Beach

The most popular beach in the St Tropez area is Pampelonne beach. This is the the place to see when visiting St Tropez. With nearly five kilometers of fine white sand, this is a great place for the glamorous beach party scene. If Pampelonne interest you, most areas are private. You will have to buy a pass from the beach club that controls access to that part of the beach.


Plage des Graniers

For those who want to enjoy the beaches of St. Tropez away from Pampelonne, Plage des Graniers is for you. This is one of the most popular public beach in the area; it is a nice stretch of sand with trees and a few restaurants. Although it gets crowded in the summer, it’s nothing compared to the crowds at Pampelonne. This is a family-friendly beach with a playground for children.

Plage de Tahiti

First popularized by film actress Brigitte Bardot and others, Plage de Tahiti is a notorious strip of sand. Featuring soft golden sand and a trendy atmosphere that includes restaurants and bars, this beach is known for its topless and nude visitors. While Plage de Tahiti is technically part of the Pampelonne beach, it deserves a special mention.

Plage des Salins

Plage des Salins is a small private beach located a few miles from St Tropez. Unlike most beaches this one has a less-developed touristy feel to it. There is a family-friendly restaurant with plenty of parking. If wanted, you can rent sun loungers & parasols for your day on the beach.

Plage de l’Escalet

If you are looking for a nude beach, you will find what you want at Plage de l’Escalet. Located a few miles from St Tropez, this beach offers seclusion and a beautiful view of the ocean. If you are thinking of visiting, the road is unpaved making it a little more difficult to reach; once you arrive the view is worth it.

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